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Your investment in the CEREC System is significant, and it includes some training. However, it does not include the practical knowledge needed to earn a positive ROI. With Dr. Samaras, you benefit from the technical expertise he has gained from fabricating thousands of CEREC restorations. In addition, he brings the business ideas and perspective that come from running his own, successful dental practice for 25 years.

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"Dr. Samaras is a CEREC life-saver! We had been really struggling with our CEREC machine, but Dr. Samaras came in and helped my staff and I understand how to make beautiful, predictable restorations. His passion and enthusiasm for CEREC is contagious. We are using our CEREC almost every day now and are so happy with it and our experience with Dr. Samaras." - Kari A. Ryan, D.M.D.

“I have worked with Dr. Samaras for over 7 years teaching doctors and their teams how to be successful with the CEREC system for chairside CAD/CAM dentistry.  He has a great ability to connect with people and always receives rave reviews for his courses.  I am sure he can tailor any course to meet the doctors needs.  You will not have more fun at a CEREC course.” - Dr. Dennis Fasbinder

“Having years of experience with the CEREC system employing a motivating and direct teaching style Dr. Charles Samaras is one of the finest choices a clinician can make for one-on-one CEREC training.  He understands that a clinician needs to be productive yet proficient in the CAD/CAM process and his expertise guarantees Monday morning reward.  More than instructor, he is a mentor and champion for those who wish to excel-unequivocally recommended” - Daniel J. Poticny DDS

"Dr. Samaras has an awesome teaching style......bringing the practical into the real world. His private practice experience, combine with his academic background create a program that shows how to take "theory" into the real world....AND make it work. Charlie's enthusiasm while presenting is contagious and his audience always leave pumped up to get back to the office and start to implement his ideas. I'd highly recommend Charlie to any study club or meeting planner" - Dr.Gary Radz

"Charlie Samaras has the uncanny ability to explain the basics of high tech practice management in simple, understandable terms. He has certainly helped bring many dental offices into the new millennium." - Paul Feuerstein, DMD, Technology Editor, Dental Economics

Dr. Samaras's help goes beyond his expertise provided during his in office training session.  On multiple occasions in the past I've called Charles on his personal cell phone while a patient was in the chair.  He always answers and always has a solution.  Unbelievably helpful when someone is learning CEREC.  He is very practical and offers candid advise on practice management during his training as well. He is a good choice for someone new to CEREC that wants to hit the ground running! - S. Jason Troutman DDS

"It was a pleasure visiting with you during the training. Thank you for all the positive, powerful and productive dental techniques and business tips. I look forward to emulating your example." - Dr Gilbert Barrett San Antonio, TX

"Dr. Samaras spent two days training me and my staff on the Cerec.  I found him to be informative, entertaining, and most importantly readily available for questions afterwards.  It's been over a year, I still have his cell number in my phone!" - Grant Q. Loo, DMD

"Dr. Samaras passion for dentistry, and his commitment to share his experience and knowledge with Dentists and Teams inspire, empower and enlighten all who attend his programs!” - John H. Jameson, DDS, Chairman of the Board, Jameson Management, Inc.

“It is not very often when I can attend a dental seminar and get my cake and eat it too. Dr. Samaras, not only has a wealth of clinical knowledge and digital technology applications, but got everyone in attendance super excited and motivated to 'Do What Dr. Samaras Does.' He simplified all this digital stuff to understandable terms and was very entertaining for the audience. You do not want to miss this seminar!" - Dr. T. Roy Nakai

Dr. Samaras Comes to You

If you live in Southern Virginia, Eastern Georgia or the Carolinas, you are lucky. It is the home base for Charlie and his unique style of hands-on training. Dr. Samaras is proud to offer a very unique form of training in your practice. . . with your staff. . . treating your patients. Allow Charlie to help you make your success with CEREC predictable and repeatable.

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That’s OK. There are a lot of “experts” out there, and Dr. Samaras is more focused on results than PR. He ran his own practice in Lowell, MA for 25 years. During this time, he was a member of the faculty at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and he started his own dental education company. Dr. Samaras was one of the first dentists in the US to purchase a CEREC, and he has been sharing his expertise ever since.

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